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Mykko: We share your care


As a progressive and innovative family owned company, Mykko has worked towards the well-being and comfort of your child since 1995. Mykko is constantly looking for sustainable, unique products that guarantee quality and safety and ensure the best value for money; great quality at a good price.
Mykko’s products with their great attention to functionality and design, stimulate the development of your child in both safety and comfort. Trust our customer service; we will do everything possible to help you quickly and efficiently.

Quality of baby products

Babies and children are a vulnerable target group. Mykko only includes products in its assortment that have been developed in accordance with the European safety regulations.

What do we have to offer?

Mykko ensures a good price/quality relation for the consumer. We spend the greatest care to all our products in order to comply with your wishes. Our customer department is always at your service in case of any complaints or questions.

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Mykko is a member of Febab (Belgian Federation of Baby product Wholesalers) and VBKV (Association for the Baby and Toddler Profession, Netherlands).